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In 1888 slavery was abolished and freed workers from the coffee plantations migrated in large numbers to Rio.

His brutality is seen when he murders and rapes the residents without caring for the consequences.Read City of God (2003) synopsis, storyline and movie plot summary on Fandango.

They sold their guns to the gang of criminals and made exorbitant profits at the expense of the security of the slum dwellers.

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They therefore break the laws of the land knowingly and trump on the rights and freedom of other people just for their own gains (Hawkins, 1996).The City of God essay, buy custom The City of God essay paper cheap, The City of God essay paper sample, The City of God essay sample service online.

Most of the people, therefore, are forced to work in low-paying jobs so as to sustain their livelihood and at worst join the gang groups whom are terrorizing the city.If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.Living conditions in Rio display exceptionally poor distribution, demonstrated by the discrepancies in living conditions between the rich and the poor.As a result, all the other gangs united against him because his acts were endangering the lives of the people.

LibriVox recording of The City of God, by Saint Augustine of Hippo.Violence towards favela inhabitants can be seen as the result of a mixture of public attitudes towards criminal activity and middle and upper class attitudes towards favela inhabitants coupled with a police system which effectively serves only the elite.Individuals grow up in a society that does not care about the life of a fellow citizen and all their actions are undesirable.

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It shows that people are influenced by the people who surround them during their growth and will naturally take them to their practices, whether they are bad or evil.

City of God (2003, Fernando Meirelles, Brasil) film on - City of God (2003, Fernando Meirelles, online marketplace for students.This is symbolic of the story of the film in that his life can take one of either direction.The films studied for this essay - City of God (2002) and Favela Rising (2006) have taken favelas from the marginality of Brazilian society and transported them into the consciousness of the international public.The diminished and unlimited resources that are available to the people only worsen the situation.Read the movie synopsis of City of God to learn about the film details and plot.The theory states that a person conforms to the type of environment that he or she grows up in.The violent life and the brutality that the dwellers of the city were exposed to are presented by Buscape.

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Persuasive essay against abortion titles videos gre argument essay writing tips xero common app essay word limit 2015 zeros essay book for upsc in hindi new song.The movie also shows the problems posed by a gang, the brutal and cruel slum life and the activities of a murderous criminal gang.This was coupled by the high levels of insecurity in the city caused by the rising cases of criminality.Alongside the theme of choice, the film raises the questions of what options children who grow up in this environment have for survival.He presents to us how racial injustice was being committed in the slums.Either these children have had no access to education, or more concerned with their survival in the favela consider schooling to be an unnecessary part of life.

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