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We need to double our efforts to make sure we are providing the options and capabilities customers expect from any business operating in 2011, not 2001.

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The world leading consulting firms and advertising agencies was developed the new identity of Zain.

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This can only be accomplished with a clear understanding of the customer or prospective customer.Their goal (the 3x3x3 plan) seeks to make Zain a global player in three stages: regional, international and global, with each stage completed in three years, with an aim of reaching a 70-million subscriber base.Today the technology exists to cost effectively bring all of this information on customers and prospects together in a single integrated database that recognises existing relationships, includes relevant transactions (behaviour) along with contact information (physical address) and demographics (gender, age).INTRODUCTION Marketing strategy in its most basic form is a plan to sell products or services in a way that delivers long-term profitable growth.In late November 2007, Saudi Telecom won (beating out Etisalat) a 26% stake in this third mobile company.

The Vodafone brand name enabled MTC-Vodafone Kuwait become a leading brand in the area.By using many of the Companies that operate in Kuwait I will be able to defined and have better under standing of marketing extractor.

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We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.The answer is yes, as an integrated database provides us with the opportunity to understand our customers (prospects) and target relevant offers and content that results in increased response (lower CPO) for us and increased value (relevance) for customers.Neither of us had any idea that classified advertising revenue would decline 50% over the next few years, and with it, a primary source for cash flow and profitability.For further discussion on strategies, refer to the paper on Devising. developing and comparing business and marketing strategies. Top of.A marketing plan is a plan that outlines your full marketing strategy for the coming year.

A thorough understanding of customers naturally leads to the creation of products and services that fulfill needs and also should drive how we price, package, promote and bring our products and services to market.The marketing strategy of Zain in every separate country is focused on the cultural differences of the region and is being developed by the local professional team that provides all the necessary information of the most efficient tools and factors.Here you may read various sample research papers and case studies, theses and dissertations, essays and reviews.

The company is listed on the Doha Securities Market and other stock exchanges.Most of the information required to gain an understanding of our customers already exists in our business systems in circulation and advertising.

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Strategies revolve around integrated marketing communication approach where the channels of media are used:.The company now has the customer base of 1.576 million, covering the market share of 58%.Zain plans to become a global wireless operator executing its focused 3x3x3 profitable expansion plan by 2011.The high-value technology strategy also adds-up to the global leadership strategy and ambitions of Zain management.

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The high priorities for Zain company are the customer loyalty programs and a strong focus on data services.Other times our legacy systems and processes serve as barriers for customer doing business with us.Yes, we sell products and services, but we need to be able to clearly understand how our products or services benefit customers in relation to competing products or practices.A white paper marketing can be a valuable content marketing tool.

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Zain operates through acquisition of local mobile operators and thus preserves specialists that have better understanding of needs and values of local population.The competition is getting tougher, as Zain has stated challenging goals for the following three years and the competitors try to keep up with the pace.