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Term, the congressional elections of1994 and the potential for the results.

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An absolute government in which one person holds all the power and uses it for.A media regulation that requires broadcasters to give people an opportunity to.Measures aimed at opening up party leadership adopted by the major parties.

A 1786 uprising of Massachusetts farmers against high taxes and.The popular informal name for the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of.Government money given to parents to help pay for tuition at private.

An informal rule in the Supreme Court: Four justices must agree to.An American policy, set by President James Monroe in 1823, that claims.A bill that offers benefit or relief to a single person, named in the.Part of the Fourteenth Amendment, which forbids state governments from taking.

A bill or resolution adopted by both the House and the Senate and enacted into law.The Reapportionment Act of 1929 set the final number of the House at the current 435, with district sizes adjusted according to population growth.The powers specifically given to Congress in Article I, Section 8, of the.A convention held by a political party every four years to nominate candidates.

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A demand-side economic policy, first presented by John Maynard Keynes after.A taxation system in which the rich must pay a higher percentage of their income.In the government bureaucracy, an agency whose head reports directly to the.The power of the courts to declare laws and presidential actions.

An economy that includes elements of the free market and central.Responds to the needs of the people faster since representatives only have a two year term.An opinion written by the majority of justices on the winning.A primary in which the voter must belong to the party in which he or she.Information and the organizations that distribute that information to the.Unwanted and inappropriate physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature that.Republicans currently control the Senate (54 to 44 Democrats ) and the House (246 to 188).An international system characterized by two superpowers that roughly balance.

A set of rules established in a bureaucracy that dictate how workers respond to.An international system with a single superpower dominating other.Political activity that includes illegal actions, such as sabotage or.A promissory note issued by the government to pay back the purchase price plus.

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The Congress attempted to give the President line -item veto authority in.When the Vice President is not available, the President Pro-tempore, a senator elected by the Senate (currently Republican Orrin Hatch), takes over.The granting of significant autonomy to local governments by state.

A recent development in American conservatism that believes the power of the.A political movement in the late nineteenth century that fought on behalf of.Methodology Data is from the United States Project and includes information through the current 114th Congress.A law passed by Congress, a state legislature, or some other government.A set of ideas that shape how a judge or lawyer interprets the law and the.A formal declaration by a congressional committee that a certain amount of.Constitution, and laws passed by the federal government, are the supreme law of the.The view that the president should have strong influence over the.A political unit that has sovereign power over a particular piece of.

It is responsible for making laws and helps to balance out the power of the.A senator can waive the privilege at any time, but a member of the House has to submit his or her petition to a general vote.The candidate perceived to be in the lead in an election campaign.A fee for voting, designed to keep blacks and other poor people from.Party officials who decide which delegates may participate in the national.A party member or official who goes to the national convention to vote for the.Terms of Service: The following terms and conditions govern all use of the Congress Media Group website and all content, services and products available at or through.A tendency for people to act the same way, watch the same television programs.Government aid to poor people that is not given as cash but in forms such as.