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Experimentally increasing the activity of a subclass of nerve cells that produce the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) has antidepressant effects similar to pharmaceutical antidepressants in depressed mice.

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Dozens of potential new protein targets for malaria vaccines have been identified and characterized on the surface of the transmitted sporozoite stage of the malaria parasite.The discovery will be published in the print edition of the journal Nature on February 4, 2016.

Below are examples of research projects within the Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research program. Research Topic:.Compare the morphologic or genetic variations among certain species in southwestern Idaho or southeastern Oregon.New targets for vaccines identified on the surface of the malaria parasite.Chemistry is the science of structure, properties, composition and reaction of matter.New, license-free DNA ladders will allow researchers to estimate the size of fragments of DNA for a fraction of the cost of currently available methods.

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Caught in the act: 3D structure of an RNA-modifying protein determined in action.The senior year culminates in a senior research project undertaken.

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Behavioral ecology of ground squirrels (field study or at Zoo Boise).

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A team of scientists has uncovered details of the cellular mechanisms that control the direct programming of stem cells into motor neurons.Examining how cultured gill cells from hatchery and wild rainbow trout respond to cadmium exposure (in collaboration with Dr.If you have difficulties with choosing a topic for your chemistry term paper,.The discovery lends new credence to the idea that GABA-enhancing drugs could serve as rapidly acting and more effective antidepressants.Chemistry Tutorials Online: Chemistry Online Services Chemistry Online Lectures: Chemistry Notes Online Help.

Penn State and Geisinger team up in new program to train next generation of biomedical scientists.Sensory response to environmental stimuli modulated by form of vitamin B3 in worms.New research demonstrates the effectiveness of ketamine to treat depression in a mouse model of the disease and brings together two hypotheses for the cause of depression.Investigate the role of ethylene in germination, dormancy, or senescence of native plant species.

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Ecological history and consequences of the timber boom in the northwest. (Historical and ecological field work.).We recommended that you get involved in research as early in your college life as.

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An international team of biologists has discovered how specialized enzymes remodel the extremely condensed genetic material in the nucleus of cells in order to control which genes can be used.

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Postbaccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate in Premedical Basic Sciences.

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Endangered species recovery, fragmentation, tropical forests, climate change, restoration ecology.

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How depression and antidepressant drugs work: New insight from depressed mice helps researchers unite two hypotheses.

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A paper describing the research, led by Penn State scientists, appears online in the journal Molecular Psychiatry on November 8, 2016.Screening the toxicity of newly synthesized cadmium-sequestering agents using cadmium-sensitive cell lines (in collaboration with Dr.Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Advanced Science Fair Project Ideas - for advanced high school and college students and teachers. Research the 2009 flu pandemic.Distribution and abundance of tui chub ( Gila bicolor ) in Indian Creek.Adaptations of alpine and desert plants to environmental stress.

Describe and analyze the plant community structure in grazed and ungrazed high altitude wetlands of Steens Mountain or Owyhee uplands. | Chemistry Research Paper

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Age, growth, habitat use and seasonal movements of redband trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) in Jordan Creek (Owyhee River drainage).When printing this document, you may NOT modify it in any way.